Brody Lee has revealed Kenny Omega as his dream opponent in AW


Changed 22 May 2020, 00:27 IST

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Kenny Omega

It’s only been two months Brody Lee His elite wrestling debut, but this Sunday, ‘The Exalted One’ will challenge a known enemy. John Moxley For AEW Double or nothing World Championship.

In the lead-up to what would be Lee’s biggest match to date at AAU, the leader of The Dark Order sat down for an interview. SiriusXM’s Busy Open Radio And during the conversation, Lee revealed his AWW wish list, which also includes governing AAW tag team champion Kenny Omega.

Brody Lee has revealed his Owlist list, wanting to face Kenny Omega

Brody Lee will be in the AUU double or nothing, with John Moxley this weekend, as the WWE Intercontinental Champion will get his first crack at the AUW World Championships.

However, ‘The Accelerated One’ has placed him on a much larger list of opponent advancements, including the likes of Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes and Derby Allen. (H / T: SEScoops)

“The list is so long. People like Kenny Omega, maybe? Derby Allen, Jungle Boy, Cody Rhodes… the list is so wide that it’s hard to choose. But proud and strong, [Chris] Jericho is all about these boys in the inner circle. I don’t want to come up with something like ‘Oh you know everyone’ but literally almost everyone on the roster is a fun matchup to me, so fresh, it’s all new.

Lee added that superstars like Kenny Omega are probably at the top of his wish list and facing the former IWGP heavyweight champion is definitely a big time matchup in the former’s mind.

“People like Kanye Omega are probably at the top of that list, so this lunatic has a great time.”

What’s next for Brody Lee?

Brody Lee will challenge John Moxley for the AW World Championship on May 20, 2020.