Buffetimbi Gomis, Brad Jones and others who have left Europe, but still shine in Saudi Arabia

The stereotype that players move from Europe to the Middle East for money has been blown away by these Saudi professional league stars.

Everyone has made their way to the Kingdom in recent seasons – and all have left their mark on a great competition.

This is a list of the 10 that made the most impact in 2019/20, using statistics from Wyscout And SofaScore.com*

Karim Il Ahmadi (All Information Technology)

Karim L. Ahmadi (EPA).

El Ahmadi has become a highlight during another campaign for the Ittehad.

Many wondered if the former Twente, Feyenoord, Al Ahly and Aston Villa batters still had legs to compete when they jumped in a free transfer in July 2018.

The age, however, is no different from the Netherlands-born, Moroccan international’s competitive edge. The 35-year-old led for the defensive dual (256) and committed to the fifth-most fouls (44).

Highlights include a 2-0 draw in January’s in-form Al Raid, and a defensive double recording of the defending champions Al Nasar (won 22-24) and the champions, leading to a 6-1 defeat in September. Hilal (won 21 of 21).

It’s a bad idea where the Jeddah Giants would have been without him in the bottom of the fourth.

Nordin Amrabat (AL NSSR)

Nordin Aminabat (EPA).

Nordin Aminabat (EPA).

Is there any better traditional Tiger winger operating in Asian football?

For the 33-year-old Amrobat holders, Rue plays a distinctive role in Vittoria’s game plan. He simply beat his man and provided the World Cup top scorer for 2019 – and Morocco – Abderrazak Hamdallah with a whistle of punishment.

Strange figures have been recorded this term. Former PSVs Eidhoven, Galatasaray and Watford wideout Al Tauwen are second-place holders Heldan Ramos, who is ।7 more.

An even larger lead has been registered for the dribble. Of the 22 top-flight run-outs, Tollywood in the Emirates’ 312 dribbles is 137 more than Gustave Wickheim, the second-ranked Gustav Wickheim of Lower Al Fateh.

This combination helped him become joint-second on the eight-assist chart.

Jilliano (AL Nassar)

Giuliano (EPA).

Giuliano (EPA).

Brazilian playmaker Giuliano rarely stays in one place for too long.

The 20-year-old’s short bursts and pitches have been replicated for a unique career in tight dribbling that took him from homeland (Paranানা, Internacional and Grimio) to Ukraine (Dnipro Dnipropetrovs’k), Russia (Janet St. Petersburg), Turkey and Tuscarabবাহ. Arab. Nasser hopes he wants to roam the capital.

Giuliano is undoubtedly a master of midfield. This ability to fully charge forward was evident in all three games before the break; Launching home from the edge of the penalty box against Al Raid, Al Faisali’s second attempt and Al Ahly followed his own shot in a strong volley versus Jeddah.

Eight goals and five assists have been registered for the 2018/19 fine debut. In order to show a consistent improvement, he has been fake at the same time and has received one less assist in 20 games this season.

Buffetimbi Gomis (all heels)

Buffetimbi Gomis (EPA).

Buffetimbi Gomis (EPA).

The ‘Lion King’ roared.

Gomis, 34, scored the second-most combined goal and assisted on 20, with 14 goals and three assists. Former France Center forward’s goal-per-minute SPL ratio, also, improved from 121.4 in 2018/19 to 103.4 in 2019/20.

Hilal’s anniversary also secured a place in the final goal of Japan’s Urawa Red Diamond in the November 3-0 AFC Champions League final. The victory ended a painful 19-year wait for the Asian kings to once again receive the crown.

Gomis’ continued influence confirms favorable speculation and the agony has long sparked a deal to extend a two-year contract signed after arriving from Galatasaray in August 2018.

Gomis is not immune to the loss of time. A scoreless run of four matches featured zero goals in all competitions before last month’s stop, four attempts and one of which was a goal.

His dignity, commands respect.

Joseph L. Jubilee (all true)

Joseph L. Jebeli (EPA).

Joseph L. Jebeli (EPA).

The management of the fisheries deserves praise at one point for not looking for El Jubilee.

The continuing dramatic playmaker from Eredivisie proved a revelation, making the top 9 assists in 21 SPL run outs. When these assists are added to the strong list of six goals, it means that the player born in Utrecht contributes directly to 50 percent of his employer’s 30 strikes.

This is the difference between the awakening of the mid-table and the present fifth position of the decree.

The unlucky – and convenient – Volley last year showed Al Jazeem all his gifts in a 2-2 draw vs. Volley.

Brad Jones (AL-NASSR)

Brad Jones (EPA).

Brad Jones (EPA).

In a great goalkeeping pool in the SPL, one stands out

Jones, 38, has presented consistent excellence as the latest line of defense for the division’s most fun side. This field is a class of 10 clean sheets alongside the former Australia international, alongside the club-mate Micon.

Credit must go to a rearguard that confirmed Jones’ shots-to-face-per-90-minute ratio of 2.34 but he is not a passive passer.

Jones’ successful nine-run out of nine attempts was the second-best in the SPL, and 12 punches the third-best.

Pedgree is unacceptable as a former employee of Liverpool and Fennard shot stopper.

Macon (AL NSSR)

Micon (EPA).

Micon (EPA).

A rock at the back helped Nassar stay in the title race.

Micon, 31, has been a key cog locally Al Alami (International) Since the signing of an 18-month loan agreement from Galatasaray in February 2019, the importance is increasing in 2019/20.

The Brazilian center-back’s 10 clean sheets are the most in the SPL, along with teammate Brad Zone. Along with Saudi Arabia’s Abdullah Madu or Omar Hausabi, this defensive wall guaranteed the highest defense by allowing Nasser only 16 of 22 fixtures.

Negotiations remain open to secure the former Porto defender in a permanent deal, though he was ignored in the AFC Champions League squad in 2021. There is a sticking point fee, Fotospor Turkey reports that the € 1.5 million bid is € 1.5 million less than the asking price of the heavyweight.

Yusuf Nikhit (Al Wehda)

Yusuf Nikayate (EPA).

Yusuf Nikayate (EPA).

Has anyone done a more precise business than Wehda last summer?

At the forefront of the third-place finishers’ rise to third place, Nikatak was spotted on some forwards who had experienced a viable, unforgettable career to date in the lower leagues in France and Belgium.

The $ 2 million shipped last July on the way to Union St. Gillies already looks cheap with consistently exceptional displays. Nikkat is a force of nature, capable of propelling Wehda up to the pitch.

He also stands on the shoulders of the last defender to collect his runs while waiting for the Brazilian’s Anselmo and Luis Gustavo. It has taken the combined-high to 19 offside, though coach Jose Daniel Carreno won’t be too upset when he becomes the fourth-best scorer in the 12 striker’s SPL.

Haldon Ramos (All Towns)

Haldon Ramos (EPA).

Haldon Ramos (EPA).

An occasional stay in Sporting Lisbon has spread to the Kingdom for Haldon.

In 2014, the Cape Verde winger’s big move to the capital ended a series of loan operations. A home has been found since switching to the Al Taouin in July 2018.

Haldon is one of the strongest performers this season, giving up six goals and six assists in 21 SPL starts. Tauoun’s left-hand sang the tune in the second consecutive season, with equally fascinated Nildo Petrolina backing him up from the wing-back in a three-man or four-man defense.

Halldon ranks second after crossing the 106, while his straight-running properties are at 117 for the eighth most dribbles.

Tawauon cannot repeat the 2018/19 historic Historic King’s Cup success and third-place finish. However, their star-wide man Haldon did not let his standards go down.

Igor Rossi (All Faisalys)

Igor Rossi (EPA).

Igor Rossi (EPA).

Rosamy has been a great addition to the SPL since he became Edinburgh to Harmah City.

The January 2017 deal saw the striking heart lose a leader and outstanding center-back to the men. The 5-year-old, from 202/21, has become one of the best defenders in the division.

Rossi’s 175 interceptions are not comparable, while inspirational bravery puts him in joint-second place for blocks (19).

When the set-pieces exploded among the Brazilians, there was an earthquake to oppose the opposition. Four of his top goals in the title are dead ball titles, including March’s famous champion Nassar in a 3-2 downing.

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