Buffon, there is Ronaldo! – Like a baby at the Candy Shop in De Ligt Juventus

  • Juventus defender Mathews de Ligt discussed how it was when he first arrived at the Serie A club.


Modified 14 Apr 2020, 05:16 IST

The pair of Juventus are Cristiano Ronaldo and Mathews de Ligt

Mathews de Ligt said he felt “like a baby in a candy shop” when he first entered the dressing room in Juventus.

Joins Juve from Ajax in July of last year after performing with the Netherlands International Adventure Giants

The 21-year-old De Ligt says he was a bit stricter when he first arrived at Serie A and could call on Cristiano Ronaldo and Gianligi Buffon’s teammates.

“Juventus also told me, ‘Well, you’re young, but the reason we buy you is because you’re already mature, you know how to handle the pressure,’ and defender told the foot truck in an interview with another teammate, Wozniack Szczesny.

“They also told me that it is difficult for a 4-year-old to move to another country and of course it can be difficult for you, but we have confidence in you that you will find your place soon.

“Obviously when I first came to the dressing room, I was a little like a kid in a candy store, like, ‘There’s a buffalo, there’s a Ronaldo.’

De Ligt added: “In the beginning you want to see exactly who she is, who she is, and how she is staffed.

“In fact, two months later I figured I could have more of myself.”

De Ligt initially fought in Turin but made 26 appearances in all competitions after the season broke off due to the coronary virus epidemic.

Defender says adjusting to Juventus is difficult, especially with so much focus on him.

“In the first game I had a lot of vision in the first game. In the second game I played I scored my own goal and then you knew there was more pressure,” De Ligott said.

“I knew the training I was training well, I felt good, but in the games it fit a little with the new style of playing.

“It was difficult at first but I think step by step I have improved in that regard.”

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