Bundesliga players must be aware of their responsibilities after resuming – Newark


06 May 2020, 05:32 IST has changed

Bayern Munich goalkeeper and captain Manuel Neuer

Bayern Munich captain Manuel Neuer said Bundesliga players need to be aware of their responsibilities after the proposed resumption of the season.

The 2019-20 Bundesliga campaign has been suspended from March due to the coronavirus epidemic, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel is set to announce a return date on Wednesday.

According to reports, the competition could resume early on the 15th, which will take the Bundesliga back to first place among the five major European domestic leagues after the Covid-19 crisis.

Hertha Berlin’s Solomon Black was sacked for his social distance move, potentially threatening the possibility of a Bundesliga return, and Bayern goalkeeper Neuer called for a responsible approach.

“I’m talking about football families and football matches consciously, because the re-launch of the federal leagues would be advised, and if possible, the decision could have far-reaching consequences for the whole of football, right amateur clubs and the younger generation – and many more sports beyond that,” Newark Frankfurter said. Alejandro wrote on behalf of Zeitung.

“Even people from other European countries and indeed around the world will look at us. This is a huge responsibility for us, which we must be aware of with every fiber we have. We must be aware that it is important for us now.”

Newer added: “As a role model we are part of society. We just want to play football, but that’s not enough now.”

Defending champions Bayern trailed Borussia Dortmund by four points in 25 games.