Cantona ‘Spice Boys’ sank, Watson shocked the city


Retrieved 11 May 2020, 11:32 IST

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Roy Kane fought Robbie Fowler in the 199 FA Cup Final

May 11 is a day that is in stark contrast to the FA Cup final for each side in the Manchester split.

It was a day to celebrate after Alex Ferguson’s side defeated arch-rivals Liverpool in 1999 for United, a forgotten moment for City in 2013 as Wigan Athletic suffered a major blow.

After becoming the 19-year-old England champions, Arsenal remembered the date when, just 12 months ago, Source was tall in Europe in a familiar story.

Below we take a look at some of the most memorable sports moments from May 11th.

1991 – Golden Graham wins the Gunners League title

For the second time in three seasons, Arsenal won the 1990-99 campaign against England.

George Graham’s side lost just once, almost 13 years before Arsene Wenger’s ‘Invisibles’, and lost 1-1 to Coventry City in the final game of their season in a busy campaign.

During the season, Tony Adams was jailed for drunk driving and Gunners was awarded two points for taking part in a fight at Manchester United in October 1990.

1996 – Cantona ‘Spice Boys’ sinks

The rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool has lost very little but the 1996 FA Cup final was a forgotten game.

Eric Cantona resolves the clash at Wembley and shoots through a crowd of players to complete a league and cup double for the Red Devils in the 85th minute.

The action on the pitch did not last long in memory, but the presence of the Liverpool squad in white Armani suits has stood the test of time.

The ‘Spice Boys’ given to the Liverpool squad by the British media in a fun outfit did little to surprise Monica.

2013 – Watson sees the title Latex Shock City

Seventeen years later and the blue half of Manchester suffered a devastating FA Cup final defeat as City lost 1-0 to Wigan Athletic.

The city’s expensive combined cast won the same trophy two years ago and became Premier League champions in 2011-12.

But substitute Ben Watson headed home in the first minute to leave City – who sent Pablo Jabaleta six minutes from the end – with little time to respond.

Just a few days later, City boss Roberto Monsini was fired.

2019 – Surrey reigns in Europe again

The last few months have been particularly trying for Sarsen, who will retire from the premiership for violating pay-cap rules.

But just 12 months ago, Saris is celebrating the success of the third European Rugby Champions Cup in four years with a 20-10 win over Leinster.