Carian Cross vs. Tomaso Simpa confirms for NXT takeover: at your home


Changed 21 May 2020, 06:03 IST

We have our first match for takeover: in your house“/>
We have our first match for takeover: in your house

Carian Cross And Scarlett has launched a big splash Nxt Take it out Tomaso Siampa When they make their first appearance in the brand. Now, Blackheart is back and announcing that he’s June E June NXT Takeover: K in your home

Carian Cross started tonight’s NXT with another quick win to acquire an advanced talent and is celebrating her victory with Scarlett.

However, the night did not end when the former NXT champion returned. Blackhart actually praised Cross’s plan to keep him out for a speech. He’s going to announce the first match of the NXT takeover: your home.

The match has now been confirmed by Triple HO on Twitter.

NXT Takeover: Gets the first match at your home

NXT Takeover: It was announced at NXT last week by In Dex at your home and this is the first match that can be confirmed for the event.

There will be a simper score to deal with the cream after Cramp’s offensive attack and this match has all the ingredients to be a classic.

In addition to these we will probably see the Intermediate Cruiser Weight Championship Tournament end on the show as well.