Charlotte Flyer responds to Rhonda Rouse’s comments about the WWE


06 May 2020, 06:16 IST has changed

Charlotte and Rhonda Rousey faced each other in Survival Series 2018“/>
Charlotte and Rhonda Rousey faced each other in the Survival Series 2018

Rhonda Rousey Recently all the wrong reasons, especially the headlines with his comments about WWE have taken hold and now Charlotte Flyer has taken the matter to him.

The Badest Woman on the Planet identifies the WWW as a “fake fight” during an episode of With the podcast “Wild Journey! Steve-O”.

“Running there and fighting nets for fun is just the best thing. “

He called WWI fans “grateful” and received a lot of criticism from all angles. Many superstars also responded to Ranta Rouse’s comments, and the WWE Hall of Fame booker T. Said The former RAW female champion has to apologize to the women in the locker room.

Rouse even came back with a response from his critics.

The latest superstar to respond to Ronta Rousey’s remarks is Charlotte Flair. In a Exclusive Q&A with Pro Wrestling Sheets, Quinn inquired about Rousseau’s latest remarks and he gave a ruthless response.

“Does anyone remember that police car going to that famous knee WrestleMania?”

When the interviewer suggested that no one should forget the moment, Charlotte Flyer responded by saying,

“Okay, I’ll leave it there.”

Ronta Rousey-Charlotte Flyer Competition

Charlotte Flyer was one of Ronda Rouse’s arch rivals when she made her first run in the WWE. The two women met for the first time during the survival series as Quinn was selected to replace the injured Becky Lynch.

The match itself was very physical and ended in an ineligible win for Rousey as Charlotte hit him with a Kendo stick. The Queen did not stop there to punish The Badest Woman of the Planet.

The duo will square-off the main event of WrestleMania 35, which also includes Becky Lynch, and the line also includes the RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championships. The three women were constantly hugging each other and they were even arrested in a section.

It is during this division that the Charlotte Flyer will reach the infamous Ranta Rouse. You can see the whole fight below.

It will be interesting to see when Rousseau returns to the WWE and you can be sure that the Queen will be ready to ask a few questions in her comments. Charlotte Flyer will defend her NXT Women’s title against Iowa Shirai this Wednesday.