Christian discusses Edge returning to the ring, revealing whether he will follow [Exclusive]


Retrieved 09 May 2020, 04:19 IST

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Christian told us all to come back to the Edge

Before the release of his upcoming movie Cagefighter, I had the opportunity to talk to WWE legend Jay Reso, who is known as Christian!

Risso told me about all of his roles in front and behind the camera in the movie, due to premiere on Fight TV on May 16th. Riso is an executive producer as well as starring in movies John Moxley, He personally recommended for the role.

We’ve talked to Reso about this, why Christian isn’t in the WWE of Fame, and among other things he has his run in the TNA. But I had to ask about his recent return to the ring of his longtime tag team partner and best friend Edge!

You can watch the video below or continue reading for a copy. Our full interview with Christians will be available soon.

“Yeah, I was surprised when he told me he was going to see a doctor and was probably trying to see if there was any chance of clearance. He called me to the drive home from the doctor and said, ‘Yeah, they said I I can do it. “I was,” Wow. “He had a second surgery on his neck and obviously he made the surgery a long time ago, when he did it many years ago.”

“Also, she’s got a baby so she won’t put herself in any danger. She must have told her kids before anything else if she felt comfortable with it and her family felt comfortable with it, all I needed to hear was just that. . “

Risso, AKA Christian told me how exciting it is to get back in the ring, despite the fact that no one could have imagined the situation. WrestleMania. Christian also said that he thinks he has had the opportunity to entertain people by releasing his movies – something that he believes people desperately need because of the prevailing situation.

But can a Christian return to the ring?

As soon as Edge returns to the ring, will we see a reunion in the ring? I had to ask the man himself …

“No, no. I’m done. I wouldn’t have told you if I had, but I don’t, believe me.”

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Christian Stephen Drake starred in Cagefighter

So, sadly there is no reunion, but Christian keeps himself busy outside the ring, even though he is sharing Edge’s excitement …

“But it’s exciting. No one heard of him coming back after nine years of retirement and I know he had his first WrestleMania match, it had a different setting, but towards the end, I think it’s good to have people’s entertainment.”

“Much like Cagefighter, what we’re doing here is being able to stream Fight TV. It’s not like it’s kind of audible for it to happen, but the world needs entertainment. They really need a good distraction from time to time.”

Christian will come to the conclusion that, no matter what happens, the Edge coming down the WrestleMania-Ramp is an incredibly special moment for him and one of the best moments in Mania history.

As I said before, whether Edge came in front of 700,000+ fans or walked out at the WrestleMania Performance Center, the fact that he left the ramp with his music to me is one of the best moments in WrestleMania history. “

Cagefighter: World’s Colloid will be available for purchase outside of the United States on Saturday, May 16, exclusively via Streaming TV At this link.