Citizens for the World Series ring in the virtual event


Retrieved 20 May 2020, 06:32 IST

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The coronavirus could hold the 2020 baseball season due to the epidemic, but Washington will not deter citizens from celebrating their 2019 World Series championships.

Citizens will host a virtual ring show on Sunday that will be broadcast both on television and online.

World Series ring celebrations usually take place just before the start of the season in front of a sold-out home ballpark, but after the coronavirus kills more than 324,000 people worldwide, citizens will unveil their rings from their own homes.

“We want to do this with 44,000 screaming fans at the stands,” Citizen general manager Mike Rizo said Tuesday in a team-led YouTube live stream.

“It’s really refreshing that we’ll be able to share this with so many more people through these different places. I think it’s unfortunate that we won’t do it in front of the ballpark house fans, but I think we’re reaching out to a lot of people again.” [doing] It’s like this. “

The decision to hold the event on Sunday was very arbitrary, as May 24 is now a day of celebration for the citizens.

Washington set the record on May 24, 2019, before breaking the 19-31 record and winning the franchise’s first World Series title.