Confident Rummanig Newar will sign a new Bayern deal


20 Apr 2020, 23:32 IST changed

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Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer

Bayern Munich CEO Carl-Heinz Rummenig will hopefully extend the deal with Manuel Neuer’s club.

The 34-year-old contract expires at the end of 2020-21 and there has been no progress in negotiating the new terms.

It has been reported that Newar is demanding a $ 20 million five-year contract annually, but he nullified the suggestion in an interview with Build Am Sonntag.

He also expressed dissatisfaction with the way certain details of the talks were being released to the media.

Rumenig, though, is confident that both teams will find a way to keep the German goalkeeper at the Allianz Arena.

On Monday, he told the build, “We both know what’s in each other.” And in this situation I’m hopeful that we will eventually find a solution and that Manuel Neuer will sign a new contract.

“We have the best goalkeeper in the world and we’ve already won everything with him.”

Asked about Newar’s anger over the leak of contract negotiations, Rummenig replied: “His interview was just yesterday, so we have yet to respond.”

The future of Newar was further complicated by the fact that Byrne would relocate Alexander Noble from Schalke on July 7 for free.

The 20-year-old’s arrival also raised doubts about the possibility of Sven Ulrich staying at the club, but Neuve’s presence plans to fight for his place.

His agent Jurgen Swab told Kicker: “Bayern is talented, where the sport is decided.

“Let’s see who comes on the bench behind Manuel Neuer and ends.”