Coronavirus: Outrage at Premier League Scrapping Relationship Championship


Retrieved 05 May 2020, 17:34 IST

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According to EFL chairman Rick Parry, the cancellation of relegation from the Premier League this season will upset championship clubs.

Perry added that the 2012-20 campaign needs to be completed by July 31 for outsiders on top flights.

Perry Coron, the former Liverpool and Premier League chief executive, was giving evidence to the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee about the impact of the virus epidemic.

England’s professional football has been suspended since March, with Perry revealing that clubs under top flight are facing a deficit of around 200 200 million by the end of September.

“Due to the contract situation, our deadline is July 31,” Parry said of when the season should end. “We can’t go beyond July.

“The players and staff have been overwhelmed and the clubs will bring them back now, hoping to give up the furlough, only then can they play in a month that they can’t play will be a complete mess.

“We need to make a decision in a few days.

“We have a lot of uncertainty next season and when we will be back with the crowd, which is very critical for the EFL.

“We are more dependent on the revenue generated by the crowd and the environment than the Premier League.”

Some Premier League clubs are uncomfortable about the competitive difficulty of playing behind closed doors in neutral venues because they have made a ceasefire, believing the issue of getting into the championship should be put off the table.

However, Perry said: “The Premier League is aware of our position on that. There will be some resentment from several clubs in the Championship and it will be a breach of the tripartite agreement.”

Parry added that “illegals are going to get rich” if regression is dropped.

Norwich City, Austin Villa and Bournemouth were in turmoil when the season closed. West Ham and Watford were just outside the bottom three in goal difference, with Brighton and Hove Albion clearing both points from the drop.