Coronavirus: Premier League games can be ‘one of the safest places’


Retrieved 03 May 2020, 17:24 IST

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Steve Parish, chairman of Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish thinks the proposed measures to resume Premier League games in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic will make them “one of the safest places”.

Eredivisie and Ligue 1 have ended their 2019-20 promotions due to the Crewid-19, but intend to resume if possible, including the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and Bundesliga.

This will certainly involve games behind closed doors and in potentially neutral spaces, although the possibility of the league resuming at a time when countries are in lockdown seems irresistible.

When Bundesliga club Cologne reported three positive coronavirus tests earlier this week, Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero claimed that some players were afraid of being infected and afraid to return to family members.

But in an article he mentioned why it was important for the Premier League to return, Parish said an environment could be created that would make the game possible.

“The welfare of the players and staff needs to be taken very seriously,” Parish wrote in the Sunday Times.

“We must bring the players with us, we must listen to them, whenever we play again they must face and center the health of them and their families. It is not only to give them a safe return, but they must make sure that they Feeling safe.

“But I have seen all the offers for training and travel and when there are challenges, those offers give players, staff and officials a level of protection that I believe will give Premier League football a gift as one of the safest places in society. “

Parish acknowledged the physical contact element of the sport and said there were plans to reduce the chances of any player taking part in the game to zero, while the coron was positive for the virus.

Aguero City teammate Kevin de Bruyne suggested that the Premier League would return due to financial reasons, which Parish did not deny.

“Sporting integrity” is important, he said, as it was confirmed that the fugitive leaders could make Liverpool the crowned champions.

“But, yes, it’s partly about money,” Parish added. “And we should all take care of the money. I’ll tell you why. No one will win if the Premier League gets less money. No one.

“We’ve already faced losses that no one can quantify – and if we don’t finish the season, we’re entering unprotected waters.”