Cort Hawkins reacted after the release of the WWE

  • Kurt Hawkins’ latest run with the WWE is over
  • Jack Rider’s tag team partner is one of several superstars to be released


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Cort Hawkins

According to the latest WWE News WWE announced the release of several superstars due to budget cuts, including Luke Gallo, Carl Anderson, Drake Maverick, Leo Rush, Brian Myers, Heath Miller, “Slater”

Cort Hawkins WWE took to Twitter to respond after confirming that he had been released from the deal

In 2014, the former Tag Team Champion made a light-hearted comment on social media after his release.

“My worst nightmare has come true … I have to start paying for my own wrist tape now! S ***.”

Hawkins, on the occasion, said it did not seem appropriate to joke about the dismissal, but he predicted that the supportive wrestling community would be stronger than ever after the coronavirus epidemic ended.

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WWE Published by Cort Hawkins

Vince McMahon called a conference Wednesday to announce it WWE is planning to release talent As a cost-cutting mechanism due to COVID-19.

Within two hours of the announcement, the total Eight superstars were releasedIncluding Kurt Hawkins, Carl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

Hawkins’ most memorable moment since his arrival in 2016 came in the 20’s when he took on the RALW tag team title with Jack Ryder from The Revel on WrestleMania 3’s kick off show.

At that time, Hawkins lost 299 matches in a drawn-out manner, completely defeating the November 27, 2016 episode of SmackDown when he defeated Apollo Crews.

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