Dana White details how the Fight Island concept was born and provides a timeline for upcoming UFC events

  • The UFC will confirm that MMAE is the first big game to handle such events again.
  • It’s been a while since White has revealed his plans to fight on a private island


Changed 10 Apr 2020, 23:45 IST

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Dana White

Dana White Promised that the UFC will ensure that MMAE’s first major sporting event is to handle events again during the ongoing epidemic, when it lost its battle when it announced that the company had decided to postpone all upcoming events, including UFC 249, after receiving a request from their broadcast partners on ESPN. , White is one of his finest art – The Fight Island Hoping to win the war with.

White has revealed after plans to clash on a private island somewhere outside the United States, and now that construction is in full swing, White is convinced that Fight Island will happen, too, and that he will start promoting the UFC soon.

I’m talking ESPN, White has revealed that the infrastructure is being built right now and he will start booking fights once the set up is ready. He said that it would probably take a month to complete the set up, and after that he could ship over the fighters so they could start training.

“That’s why I tell all my sons not to worry. The battle is about to cause the island. All infrastructure is being built and installed right now. As we get closer to it, then I’ll start looking for booking fights, without the boys getting ready so I can ship the boys there first and they can start training on the island there. So once it’s all in place, you’re looking forward to a month.

White also revealed that the incredible and fancy concept of Fight Island came in time to try to figure out how to conduct both international and local combat within the U.S. travel restrictions.

“We have to fight both internationally and locally. So we found local fights. How do we run international? That’s it [Emanuel] And I brought the island. It’s all coming together. It’s all going to happen. I’ll see you in a month “

Published 10 April 2020, 23:45 IST

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