Danny Rose warns Premier League stars are being used as COVID-19 era ‘lab rats’


Retrieved 20 May 2020, 00:34 IST

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Danny Rose

Danny Rose claims that Premier League footballers are being treated like “lab rats” in the interest of providing entertainment during the coronavirus epidemic.

Former Scotland striker Chris Boyd and West Ham midfielder Robert Snoodgrass made his resemblance to the England International Rose in an interview with the Lockdown Tactics podcast.

“I’m dying to go back to football,” Rose said. “I know people are obviously going through this coronavirus epidemic much worse than me, so I don’t want to complain about anything here.

“But people are right that we should go back to football. It’s basically like we’re guinea pigs or lab rats. We’ll go back to this stage and see if it works.

“I can only imagine them to tell the people in the house [footballers] Make that much money so they should go back.

“So for things like this where I just think ‘it’s not worth the hassle’, I can risk my health for public entertainment, and I don’t want to be involved if I’m being honest with you.”

On Tuesday, it was revealed that the six spread across three Premier League clubs tested positive for the coronavirus and will go into self-isolation.

In an attempt to keep English football going in June, Rose read the ‘project resumption’ plan.

The 29-year-old is spending the second half of his left-back season at Newcastle United on a Tottenham loan.

He revealed that when Magpies boss Steve Bruce called him when he used crude terms, it was not his priority to strain the nation’s morale, this time in the midst of a discussion about running in football to regain confidence.

“I didn’t think about it too much and the next day I was having breakfast and saw Steve Bruce coming to my phone,” Rose said.

“I talked to him and he said that if I was going to do things like this, I would have to say something better.

“He tried and explained everything he was doing to make everything safe, but obviously I saw the headlines and what I do – as we do in the eyes of footballers and the public – we have a platform and maybe I could have said something better. What a sound.

“But I feel exactly how you feel six weeks ago [health secretary] Matt Hancock was saying footballers should halve their pay and now six weeks later we need to try to entertain our people.

“People have to make up their minds: it’s one or the other.”