Deepak Agarwal has been banned for two years by the ICC


Retrieved 29 April 2020, 23:50 IST

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Deepak Agarwal, owner of a franchise in the 201 T20 Cricket League, has been suspended from all cricket for six months after violating the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) anti-corruption code.

Agarwal, one of the owners of the Sindhi franchise, admitted to violating Article 2.4..7 of the Code in the competition two years ago.

This article is “listed as obstructing or delaying an investigation, including the concealment, interference or destruction of any document or other information that may be relevant to the investigation and and which may lead to an investigation into evidence of malicious conduct.” Under the Suppression Code (ACU).

After the suspension of Agarwal’s six-month ban, the Indian businessman will be able to take part in the game again from October 20, 2221 if he meets the conditions described in his sentence.

Alex Marshall, the ICC’s general manager of integrity, said: “Mr Agarwal has received several examples of obstruction and delay in our investigation and this is not a single incident.

“However, he immediately admitted to violating the ICC Anti-Corruption Code and continued to provide substantial assistance to the ACU in a number of investigations involving other participants. His approval reflects his cooperation.”