Details behind Edge’s WWE agreement and possible renegotiation


Changed 08 May 2020, 06:04 IST


Edge Ka’s upcoming episode and 11-Bar is ready to return to its TV WWE’s His rivalry with champion Randy Orton is expected to continue.

Published as Sportcida Tom Calhu On the new Dropic Discussions episode with the host Kore Ganj, Signed up to wrestle five matches per year with Edge WWW. Kolohu added that Edge was not supposed to return with Ka next week, but it was decided to return him soon.

Edge and his WWE deal

Talking about Edge’s deal, Tom revealed that Rated-R is in the same deal as superstar Ronta Rousseau. The former women’s champion was originally scheduled to have seven to eight matches, which were later changed and more matches were discussed.

Tom revealed that there is an opportunity to discuss when it comes to Edge’s deal, and that after learning of Vince McMahon, the WWE chairman must try to book Edge for some more matches if the situation demands the same.

Tom has published the following:

As far as I know, he has been booked in only five matches but there are several appearances in it. Rhonda Rousey was initially booked for only seven or eight matches and then they were further added to her contract. So, we will see about this.

Almost everyone has a separate contract, so it’s hard to nail it down specifically. But they have contracts with a lot of big names that will give them a certain amount of dates and that’s a guaranteed downside. You will need to pay for that date. So people who play more matches get paid extra on the guaranteed bad side. Obviously, I’m not an expert at it so if people find out more information this way, jump into the comments and let us know.

But when it comes to Edge, I would say it is very similar to Ronta Rouse to my knowledge, there is room for discussion in it. The deal will remain the same, because they are not technically employees, you can’t sign up to do more work, and yes, Vince McMahon can say, ‘you need to do it’, and you can say, ‘OK, it’s my price. ‘The Ultimate Warrior, of course, is what happened in the day with Jeff Jarrett. There are many examples of this.

Edge will be back next week to ‘hunt’ Randy Orton and we can’t wait to see the next chapter of the quarrel between the two seniors. What did the WWE plan for the story? Give your predictions in the comments section.

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