Disappointing news for Brown Strowman, the superstar returning to intervene in the MITB title match, Vince McMahon’s bizarre behavior and much more (April 22, 2020)

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Retrieved 27 April 2020, 00:11 IST

The biggest WWE rumors that are circulating today?“/>
The biggest WWE rumors that are circulating today?

Recent events on SmackDown have a lot to do with the last-minute possible changes to the Money in Bank card, which has been buzzing with speculation about the speculation world. Last week, we saw a few headline matches coming in for MITB. Also, Triple H has celebrated its 25th anniversary WWE’s In somewhat bizarre parts.

Today’s rumor will shed light on the backstage details about round-up Vince McMahon’s bizarre behavior and possible interference from Seth Rollins’ ally.

There are also little-known details about the future of Universal Champion Brown Strowman, the lineup of the former Intercontinental Champion in the mid-card and the extraordinary MITB match planned for this year.

So, let’s get started without further ado.

# 1 What’s next for Brown Strowman?

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Monster ‘among men deserves a good title

Roman Reigns calls WWE after last-minute decision to remove him from WrestleMania 36 Brown Strowman As a replacement, ‘Monster in Men’ defeated Goldberg to become the WWE Champion. However, recent reports have mixed WWE’s attitude towards Strowman

Of Sportskeeda Tom Calhoun Corey said humming Dropkick Discussions Although the creators have shown faith in Strowman, they can still be used as a transitional champion as they await the return of the ‘Big Dog’. Here’s what he had to say,

“They’ve shown faith in Brown Strowman, but there’s a lack of depth at the top of SmackDown. That’s why they’re bringing in John Cena and Goldberg. A face and he is involved in something else so many opportunities There are no opportunities. It seems to me that they are trying to go back to what they planned to do in January – to give back the title to Bray White, and wait for the Roman Reigns to be ready. “