Divyangsh Singh Panwar, Elvenil Valariwan top ISSF world rankings


Retrieved 01 May 2020, 17:48 IST

Divyang Singh Panwar (L) and Elvenil Valariwan (R)“/>
Divyang Singh Panwar (L) and Elavenil Valarivan (R)

According to a recent release by the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF), Divyansh Singh Panwar, 17, holds the number one spot in the men’s 10m air rifle rankings.

Women’s 10m Air Rifle Rankings, Elavenil Vallarivan Also held his position at the top of the chart Manu Bhakar It ranks second in the women’s 10m air pistol rankings.

Panwar topped his game throughout 2019 and won four gold medals at various ISSF World Cups, including the Putin World Cup in individual events.

However, his silver medal win at the World Cup in Beijing secured his place in the Tokyo Olympics, which reached 2022 in fear of the coronavirus.

Divyangsha responded by holding the top position in Panwar and also expressed his views on the lack of live action.

“It’s the same feeling, it doesn’t change much. In 2012, I also occupied the first rank for a while. Besides, I’m getting a little bit sad now,” Panwar said. Exclusive Free Chat Sportesida.

The virus has shut down all sports activities as well as denied practice sessions to many athletes across the country. However, Panwar coach Deepak Dubey has confirmed that his wards will not miss out on shooting practice.

“We have a range in the house of my coach Deepak Dubey, there is an electronic machine that we use for practice that the physical fitness is the same. We have regular online sessions with the physio during this lockdown,” he added.

For a shooter, concentration is one of the main topics in their training routine and Panwar talks about how he took meditation to maintain his mental health in addition to being involved in a few extra-curricular activities.

“I’m meditating to maintain mental health. I’m also doing some extracurricular activities like cooking and I also play the guitar. I used to play PUBG, now I stop,” said Divyangsh Panwar.