Do Football Champions has launched new online training activities

Do Football Champions has launched ‘Stay Home, Stay Active with Do Football Champions’ in partnership with the Ministry of Education, an online training program developed by Laligar coaches for the physical well-being and well-being of UAE students while they are at home.

The initiative reflects the commitment of the two to serve the community and especially the students, encouraging them to stay healthy and active while at home. This is in line with the Ministry of Education’s distance education goals.

Designed to keep thousands of students busy and active at home, the Do Football Champions online program is designed as a school sports session, which is distributed digitally. The sessions are developed and conducted by expert LaLiga coaches, who provide students with fitness and football technical and skills tutorials as well as home-based challenges.

The training sessions will be posted on both the social media channels of the Ministry of Education along with the two football champions.

Program, which targets both public and private schools of all ages and cycles.

After the students return to school, it is planned that the two football champions will also prepare the students for the semifinals and finals.

Program While speaking about the ministry of health and physical fitness director Aisha al-Siri said: “The Ministry of Education students active and engaged and to house the innovative and exciting educational and sports initiatives through their time sarbadhikatara interested in is our partners, students of physical and mental strength, positive Gives the channel. These initiatives are crucial and help keep students healthy and active by enriching their social learning experience as well as instructing them to limit the spread of COVID-19. ”

Al-Siri added: “Our partnership with the Du Football Champion is exemplary, as the Ministry of Education seeks to meet the needs and aspirations of schoolchildren across the UAE and their passion for sports activities. Our partners will enable students to leverage the knowledge, skills and modern technology
Participate in championships and participate digitally in competitive sports challenges. It will provide our students with a new kind of sports experience that will have a positive impact on them
Health and life. “

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