Donna Purajajo has revealed where she wants to wrestle after the release of the WWE [Exclusive]


Retrieved 24 April 2020, 00:38 IST

Where do we see the next virtuosa?“/>
Where do we see the next Virtue?

Last week, more than 20 superstars were released Of the WWE A number of superstars have been named in an article on a mass WWE website to reduce their stuffing costs. Deona Purazo Silently went to the alumni section before confirming his release via Twitter.

I had the pleasure of talking to a former NXT superstar who told me how he was blown away by the support he showed after announcing his departure from the WWE – and of course, I had to ask Vertuisa for a glimpse of his future.

After wrestling in several places, I asked Purajo where his future lay, and the answer was incredibly exciting …

“I guess, ideally, I haven’t been to AAU yet, so … Brit Baker She’s my best friend, she works there, they now have a kick ass women’s section. It’s a lot of people I’ve never worked with and it’s a brand new product – so I want to experience it and be a part of it. “

“That being said, if it’s not an option, Impact has an amazing female division right now. Tessa Blanchard Did some great things. Kylie Roy Just signed up there, Kyra is over there, Tia … There’s a very good group of girls doing some stuff that I’d love to take part in. I don’t know I want to go to Japan again, I want to go to Australia again. If I could play wrestling in England again, I’d love to say “I’ll screw you, WWW!” I think I will like this shot! [Deonna laughs] Really! “

Puraja also confirms that his non-competitive clause is only 30 days, as opposed to the other 90 days The roster is limited to members.

Vertuosa also talked to me about his regrets for not wrestling all-in, as well as how close he was to Natala during the WWE run, and how he and Tony Storm got matching tattoos on the download tour!

The full interview will be available soon at Sportsaida Wrestling. Stay tuned!