Donna Purajajo reveals how she and Tony ended the storm with matching tattoos [Exclusive]


Retrieved 24 April 2020, 23:55 IST

Purajo and Storm have matching tattoos!“/>
Purajo and Storm have matching tattoos!

It was a pleasure to chat with me yesterday Deona Purazo About his WWE release, his ideal next step and much more.

The question I would ask Virtuosa – who is a tattoo aficionado himself – opposed to a dream match, as opposed to everyone’s question on the question he wanted to get a tattoo from any wrestler

Although Donna told me it would be the match of her dreams Natalia, Or an exact bout Bailey Or Sasha Bank, He told me that he actually has matching tattoos with him Tony Storm!

“Oh, my .God. Oh, … God … Okay, this kind of thing is like real life. I won’t answer any of your questions – because I have no idea – but I have a funny story about it.

“Tony Storm and I have matching tattoos.

Fujiwara amber expert went on to reveal how NXT will end up with this pair of drunken duck matching tattoos facing the UK!

“Yeah, so we downloaded the festival last June and in the VIP section, they have a free tattoo booth. Basically, we were like, ‘Oh, we’ll get tattoos, we’ll get what we want,’ but they’re just the amount of people who want tattoos.” Couldn’t draw things for him, so they had a board with tattoos whatever generic – like old school, really thick, cold tattoos – on both ankles, our mother Marshal is a beer duck. So, I guess, according to imagine that we have booked myself in this terrible tattoo! “

Toner (left) and Donner (right) tattoos

You can read the full interview Here.

Many thanks to Donota Purajajo for taking the time to chat with me. You can follow Donna on Twitter Here, Or check out his Pro Wrestling Tees site Here, And its own merchandise site Here For signed prints and more.