Draw McIntyre wants to defend WWE Championship against Gender Mahal


Retrieved 16 May 2020, 18:10 IST

Zinda Mahal and Drew McIntyre“/>
Zinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre

Draw MacIntyre Says he “loves the idea” of defending against his WWE Championship. Zinda Mahal, But the match would have happened if the fans had been able to attend.

WWE India’s Twitter account recently teased a match between 3MB ex-colleagues, informing Zinder Mahal that a potential confrontation would be a “nightmare” for Drew McIntyre.

Draw McIntyre vs. Zinda Mahal?

I’m talking Busy open radio, Drew McIntyre made it clear that despite the potential concerns of fans, he would be open to standing in line for his title against Zinda Mahal.

“I love the idea. And I know a lot of people out there, when they hear that at first they think, ‘No! We don’t want it right now! ‘

The WWW Champion added that a real-life story could be told between the two on television, especially since they were both fired by the WWE and returned to win the organization’s most prestigious title.

He added that Zindar Mahal, who recently returned the finger after a knee injury in June 2012, needed more time to establish himself on R’s roster before he could walk off his head.

“She is OK [Jinder Mahal] It only takes time to get the steam. I need some time to cement myself as a champion. But when will the crowd return? I need heels who are true heels. We have a true backstory. ”[H/Titu[H/Tto[এইচ/টিটু[H/TtoWrestlingNews.co Transcript]

Drew McIntyre added that since Zinder Mahal won the WWE Championship in 2017, fans weren’t happy, so the WWE could use Mahal’s violence as part of the story if they face each other in the title match.

He also guaranteed that the one-on-one match with his teammate’s superstar would be “something very special.”