Dubai challenges residents of the world-first ‘Home at Marathon’

  • The marathon is scheduled to take place on Friday April 10 between 8am and 6pm (UAE time).
  • The Marathon At Home initiative is launched by the Dubai Sports Council (DSC),


Modified 09 Apr 2020, 17:55 IST

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In the midst of lockdown we all look for new and unique ways to keep ourselves fit and healthy, Dubai’s latest fitness challenge for its residents is truly unique and exciting! Dubai residents will be wearing shoes as they race to participate in the marathon at home, the first of its kind initiatives.

Dubai Sports Council (DSC) has launched the Marathon At Home initiative, sponsored by the Dubai Sports Council (DSC) and will be held under the auspices of DSC’s ‘Be fit, stay safe’ and #Styhome. This is specially made for members of the UAE community moving into their homes.

The first of its kind in the world, there will be a timed 42.192km race at Marathon Am Home which is open to all ages and abilities and will be held on Friday, April 1st between 8am and 5pm in the UAE. 10 hour time cap.

Participants may determine the size of their running course, but running on a treadmill or any other training equipment will not be acceptable. Racing is not allowed in public areas – participants need to be physically ground and driven inside their home.

Participants also need to make sure that they have a fully charged smartwatch or smartphone with the Strava app installed and activated. They need to join the ‘Marathon At Home’ group in Strava and stay connected that the app can detect their movements and help them monitor time and distance travel.

Will not be the official finish line or medal ceremony, there are still many awards for grub. The top three men and women will receive a fully-equipped running kit, as well as tickets to enter the finisher’s medal and the Moscow Marathon, which is set to take place in September. The top 10 finishers will receive 10 electrical muscle stimulation functional training sessions. Additionally, all finishers will receive a finisher’s medal, certification and T-shirt.

Dubai at Marathon AM Home promises that residents will continue to live active and healthy lives while staying safe and secure at home.

Published 09 Apr 2020, 17:55 IST

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