During the coronavirus epidemic, sports fill the live sporting gap

Worldwide sports shutdown caused by the coronavirus epidemic has affected fans, companies and broadcasters alike.

Fans are losing their favorite games, while competition and rights holders are losing out on a crucial revenue stream.

With the suspension of various leagues and competitions around the world, sports content has helped fill the void in the minds of athletes and fans.

It may not be the same, but seeing F1 drivers and professional cyclists take part in virtual competitions has sparked fans’ interest around the world.

In an ideal world, we could get three races in the F1 season, looking at Lewis Hamilton on his way to a seventh world title. Similarly, with football, we could see season finals across different European leagues.

We have to, and will enjoy the sport that is coming out of our calendar, with no guarantee of when the calendar will resume.

For F1 fans, a virtual series has been created to enable people to continue racing. And to highlight its popularity, the first race, won two weeks ago by Guanay Chew, has attracted 1.2 million viewers across Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

Last weekend was the second virtual grand prix, where the grid was attended by Charles Leclercq, Lando Norris, Nicholas Latifi, George Russell, Alex Albon and Antonio Giovinazzi.

Former world champion Jenson Button was joined by other former F1 drivers Stoffel Vandoorne and Esteban Guterres, along with England cricket star Ben Stokes and Larkin’s 19-year-old brother Arthur.

On the Formula One YouTube page, there were two scholars in the studio to preview and review the radio, as well as a full commentary on the 28-lap race.

From the beginning to the end, 1.5 million people have taken to Facebook to see the lead of a classic Leclerc. The joy of winning for a Monaco man coincides with the responsibility of entertaining the people in the house.

“(I practiced) every day for at least five hours and at the end of the week we all connected with George, Alex and others and streamed everything live and it was so much fun so we would keep it going,” Leclerc said Formula one.

“Obviously this is a really tough time for everyone at home so we do our best to keep everyone at home entertained and hopefully that was the case tonight and we will try to do more in the next few weeks.”

The suspended Chinese Grand Prix will take place online again over the next two weeks, with the prospect of two to two wins after missing the Larkin Bahrain Grand Prix.

In football, leagues around the world may be closed, but stiff competition between teams is about to launch in the virtual world.

One of Spain’s leading esports personalities, Ebai Llanos, stepped in to fill the void and La Liga hosted three days of virtual tournaments with 5 players.

Players include Barcelona’s Sergey Roberto, Real Sociedad’s Adnan Januzzaz and Real Madrid’s Marco Ascencio, who defeated legacy player Aitor Rybal to win the tournament.

More than a million people have tuned in to YouTube, Twitch, La Liga sports TV, and social media channels and have also aired live on some television channels.

In Cycling, a virtual tour of the Flamers was broadcast live across thousands of YouTube channels and was viewed by thousands of people.

The Virtual 30km course included a video link of all participating riders as well as a full race commentary.

Belgium’s Greg van Avermatt won the race as seven riders competed in a one-day event for training bicycles at their home.

Of course, the race wasn’t the real thing but the strength numbers brought by the riders showed just how good it was. For example, Van Everymate puts 434 watts on average during a 43-minute race.

“My heart rate was not that high for a long time,” said Van Avermeet, “I think Sporza. “I am definitely pleased with my performance. Race from home is a little weird, but I’ve tried my best.

“In the beginning I was shocked at the pace and because of this I had to leave Kreuzberg, but in real life I have kept something like Petersburg. After that, it was like dying at the end. I was really a block away. “

During the races, about five million spectators tuned it to watch it ITVLive broadcast of the Virtual Grand National on Sunday

The Grand National is one of the biggest races of the year, attracting a worldwide audience of about 500 million people each year. The 2020 race is set to become the 173rd edition of the 30-fence epic in Liverpool’s Aintree.

Welsh Grand National winner Potter’s Corner placed fourth in two-time Grand National Winner Tiger Roll to beat Walk In Mill in the walk.km race.

“In addition to the broader viewership, Virtual Grand National is trending worldwide on Twitter on Saturday,” said Steve Rogers, chief commercial officer of Inspired Virtual Sports.

“Virtual sports is a great example of how to minimize this system and bring people together for some relief during these difficult times, just like in real sports.”

The audience is certainly up for esports and as we spend more money we can expect the industry to continue to grow.

In these difficult times, sports fans are shouting for live action on our television screens. This is a viable option while we wait for the global situation to improve and just hope our favorite game resumes soon.

The current situation has given eSports a huge push by accelerating its entry into mainstream sports events. Something that was always inevitable but could happen very soon now due to the numbers we see and the potential for stream earning.

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