Economic bankruptcy, moral decay – Font Lambast Club, the presidential candidate for Bursa

  • Under Barcelona’s presidential candidate, Victor Font Josep Maria Bartomeu has begun an intensive evaluation of the club’s activities.


Changed 13 Apr 2020, 03:44 IST

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A typical view of Barcelona’s Camp Nou home

According to presidential candidate Victor Font, Barcelona is at risk of economic bankruptcy and moral decay.

In an open letter to members of the Bursa and the media, Font-Laliga, the leader of the Seal Future group seeking control of the Camp No boardroom, suggested an extreme assessment of the turmoil behind the champions.

The irrational criticism came at the end of the tumultuous week, with six people on the board of Josep Maria Bartomeu resigning from their posts.

Outgoing vice-president Emily Rousoud then explosively claimed that the club had “someone else’s hand” – accusing Barcelona of intense rejection.

Ruud-1 also suggested possible redundancy in Bursa’s alleged dealings with Fencer, a PR firm claiming in a report on Spanish radio program Que Tee Jigs in February that it had been recruited to clean up Bartomo’s image on social media and to criticize current and former players. .

Both Barcelona and 3 Ventures have denied the allegations, but both sides of the controversial signatures of Neymar in the episode have mentioned the font in both episodes.

The letter reads: “For some time the Seal Future project has been warning members of the Bursa that the club is moving towards a ‘perfect storm’ – it has to replace the best generation of footballers in history, finance and finance the development of the Espa বারa Bursa project and nearly unlimited financial resources. Compete against the corporation with.

“And these were done by the members in the hands of the club and in defending its competitive ability in football and in all departments.

“If the risks were great, they are now in huge shape. We are in an epidemic that has stalled the planet and will have a profound impact on the lives of the sport, which we still cannot expect today.

“As such, for months we have seen a shameful increase of chapters on the club’s institutional behavior where the most recent incident conceals the seriousness of the previous one, a process that in recent days has ended with complaints and severe reprimands among board members, and six abruptly resigned.

“And that should be the only priority to relieve the club from crisis, the president announced a new reorganization of the board of directors to stay in power. What is at stake now is the overall recession.

“This is not a recent issue – we have dealt with Neymar in punishing the club, disagreeing with employees and players with executives and managers, and investigating the case on social networks, which seems to confirm the stigma.

“Let’s add a Christian sports policy, a steep decline in the board and a significant reduction in income due to pandemics, and the risk of economic bankruptcy and moral decay that has left the club.

Font reaffirmed his conviction earlier this month that CI Future had assisted Baromeau’s solution during the Covid-1 crisis and had developed a “common front”, only to be disappointed in these efforts.

Before giving his team’s view, Fonts Barca claimed three on the board – transparency about the club’s debt levels; Delays in making unnecessary structural decisions at this time, including Espa বারa Barsa; And “maximum discretion and transparency” about player buying and selling.

Bartomeu is not obliged to choose until 2020, when he cannot stand, though he has a growing demand for a date.

The Barcelona president’s position has weakened in recent months, with a clear clash over the future of the club’s star player with Lionel Messi and pay cuts to the squad in response to the coronary virus epidemic.

Published on April 13, 2020, 03:44 IST

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