Embiid and Simmons can ‘fit together’, says former ers 76-year-old star Reddick


20 April 2020, 05:38 IST has been changed

Joel Embiid (L) and Philadelphia 76ers Ben Simmons (R)

Philadelphia Ers 76ers All-Star duo Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons “can fit together”, according to former teammate JJ Redick.

Ers 76 Years Center Embiid and guard Simmons have become the subject of endless questions about their chemistry, with repeated claims that the pair will not be able to play together for Philadelphia due to the opposite style.

The report claims that ers could deal with one of 76 players earning a player title, with the big-man embedded being the most likely to be spotted after exploring any trade in Philadelphia.

Redick knows Embiid and Simmons better than most, having spent two seasons with the pair before joining the New Orleans Pelicans in 2019.

“They’re both incredibly intelligent and I always bet on guys who are smart enough to figure things out. And they will,” Redick told Athletic.

“The numbers say that when they’re together in court, they’ve done pretty well: 2018, pretty good; 2019, pretty good; 2020, still pretty good, but not quite as good?

“I don’t think they are changing, so the people around are changing that. It just fits me right and goes back to the right piece.

“I think they are [Embiid and Simmons] Can certainly fit together. “

Redick’s time in Philadelphia was a success, as his shooting – especially from a three-point range – helped the lasters get to the Eastern Conference semifinals last season.

After leaving the Wells Fargo Center, fighting for Philadelphia continuity before the NBA stalled due to Philadelphia cornwashing, Riddick espoused head coach Brett Brown, 76, in doubt about his future.

While boasting an NBA best 29-2 home record, the 76ers were 10-24 away from home to be sixth in the Eastern Conference.

The 5-year-old guard said: “I want to play for Brett again. It’s always easy to blame some people. I don’t think Brett is in trouble if he is there. [even] A problem

“He is incredibly thorough, incredibly detailed. What I have always appreciated about Brett is how considerate he is. Team meetings have a purpose film Film sessions have a purpose practice There is a purpose to practice. There is a purpose to walking in your daily schedule. There is a purpose.

“Everything is very thoughtful and careful. This, I think, is one of the main reasons for who he is as a coach and who has reached this level.”