English batsman Jason Roy is keen to play behind closed doors


Changed 03 May 2020, 00:16 IST

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Jason Roy of England

English batsman Jason Roy is keen to play a match behind closed doors to back up and run international cricket.

Roy admits he feels like a “paddle in the sporting world” in the carnivirus epidemic and won’t risk himself unnecessarily.

However, once the match is considered safe, he is keen to do so even if there is an unusual possibility of international matches without the presence of spectators.

“I’m more than happy to play behind closed doors [in England]”Roy told reporters.

“I just want to play some cricket, to tell the truth. It would be an incredible feeling that we should be able to go out and play some cricket.

“It sounds weird. I feel like a kid again but I guess we’re run by the government. A lot of big things are going on.

“I’m not going to go to my bosses and say, ‘Put me in the front line.’ All I have to do is tell me I’m a sports fan.”

“Everyone is absent from the sport, but safety comes first. If a person wants to risk himself by going to the front line, it’s good for him, but if someone doesn’t want to, I don’t think he’s criticizing them.

“I have gained a lot of confidence in the ECB. I think they will keep an eye on every account and I will probably chat with Morgus. [limited-overs captain Eoin Morgan]See where his head is and go with it.

“I’m getting a little crazy. I’ve got a bat and I’m just shadow-batting in the mirror – I look pretty good! I can do more than hit the tennis ball against the wall here indoors.”

“I think all the guys are waiting for the call – so we know that if we get a month’s turnaround or six weeks to get into the net, the guys can be as ready.”

Roy has the experience of playing recent competitive matches behind closed doors.

He played in the Pakistan Super League between Quetta Gladiators and Lahore Calendars in February where he was not present due to the spread of Kovid-19.

“There was no atmosphere – it was so easy,” Roy reflected. “It was a very strange feeling.

“As a batsman I am accustomed to being relatively calm with the bowler running – you learn to stop the crowd – but as soon as this ball is over you will hear the crowd absolutely shaking.

“There, when that happened, it was just like dead silence – it was a surprise. You heard your partner call two people.

“You don’t have to work with body language. It was pretty amazing and very difficult to get up but it was something we knew we had to deal with.”