Entity Gaming Player Banned After Using Hacks in Freefire Tournament


Retrieved 18 May 2020, 00:37 IST

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Substitute players of entity gaming have been banned for hacking

Entity gaming Known for their high quality of gameplay in the tournament, one of the most reputed companies in India. Recently, however, a glamorous incident occurred when an entity gaming player was among them Free fire Line-up was convicted of hacking into the Free Fire Scream Wars 2020 tournament.

Player of Entity Gaming, ETG • ASHWATMA’s Hacking was detected by an in-game anti-hacking system. It is learned that he was an alternative in the team. Not only him, Dr. Jack • TSG The TSG Army also made allegations of cheating in the tournament.

Garena Freefire cracked down on players from both teams and banned them for a year. Both teams also disqualified from Free Fire Scream Wars, snatched all prize money from them and awarded the next best team.

On May 14, 2020, NTT Gaming identified an in-game anti-hacking system for the use of “ETG • Ashwatma” and TSG Army’s “Jack-TSG” hack, and as a result was banned until May 15, 2021. Entity Gaming and TSG disqualify the Army from Free Fire Scream Wars, all prize money is confiscated and given to the next best team.

“Freefire Sports India takes competitive integrity very seriously and we will work to build a beautiful and healthy sport ecosystem for all participants, partners and players.” Free Fire has been added.

Free Fire Cheating: Entity takes it in their progress

Entity Gaming responded positively to the whole situation and thanked Gerena for bringing it to their attention, such as:

Our commitment to the community and the game has always been achieved with sincere and honest hard work. ETG • ASWWMA’s actions do not reflect our values ​​and we have severed all ties with it.

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