Episode 5 got it right before the money was in the bank (May 4, 2020)

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This week’s RAW bill makes the money money even more attractive

The final episode of Ka was a banner before the pay-per-view because it had a few big similarities that could severely affect the outcome of encounters at the event.

The place of Apollo Cruz for the MITB May match was the last chance Gauntlette match among some of the big players in Raw.

Viking Raiders Acceptance The benefits of the road At night, and in the weeks after their victory event or so, a RAW tag could pave the way for a team championship match.

NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flyer also got a warm-up match against Raw Face before her championship match against Io veins This Wednesday at NXT

In this article, we will review exactly 5 things that got in the episode before the money in the bank.

# 5 Amazing wins for Brendon Wink and Shane Thorne

Its team Chhinimini And Cedric Alexander As they were leaving they were ready to take on new heels in the block Brendon Wink And Shane Thorne. Wink and Thorne are now managed by MVP, and we see that the two men are getting some good matches at the Red brand in the months ahead. However, he was not there to support the team on the ringside during this big match.

The two teams had a great fast paced match where they traded action throughout the fight. Thorne was able to gain control by pushing Alexander into the barricade, and the two heels began to use force advantage over their opponents from there.

After taking a few more steps, Wink hit Ricochet with a boot near the mouth to pin the former U.S. champion and win.

It was a good tag team match that brought out the best of the four men. Wink and Thorne surprised most of the spectators with a win in this match as they are new and less well known team.

The WWE should have had MVPs on the ringside if they had booked a new team to pick the win because it would have had a bigger impact. But this is good news for RAW as a new emerging heel team may forget the Red Brand tag team section which is similar to what the Forgotten Sons are doing. SmackDown.