EPL clubs will prepare for 1,600 COVID-19 tests per week


Retrieved 18 May 2020, 00:23 IST

EPL has stepped up their efforts to resume the 2019-20 season“/>
The EPL is accelerating their efforts to start the 2019-20 season again

The English Premier League (EPL) Is ready to take 1,600 COVID-19 tests per week for its 20 IPL clubs. Project resume Planning for the 2019-20 season continues to intensify.

Two months have passed since England’s top-flight matches were suspended indefinitely due to the Carnavirus epidemic, with many EPL clubs still having to play 9-10 matches in the ongoing campaign from March to mid-May.

The United Kingdom is the most affected country in Europe in terms of coronavirus deaths: 34,636 Today as 18:28 PM (GMT), With a total of 243,303 cases – the third-worst in Europe behind Russia and Spain.

Sky Sports News chief reporter Brian Swanson tweeted an development an hour ago, which divided the opinion because of the country’s inability to provide test protection to all of their key staff.

He said: “Last: 1,600 Covid-19 tests a week for Premier League clubs. Each club can take up to 60 tests a week, more than two slots. Activities provided by PL and conducted by Prenetics as part of the ‘Project Screen’. . ”

A lot of people have reacted dissatisfied with this update, suggesting that it is both unethical and makes no sense for the EPL to prioritize their players over key staff on the frontline.

It is especially important to understand the reluctance of some players to play during the current crisis to Chelsea’s Willian and Watford’s Troy Denny among those who have expressed their fears – many F players are opposed to plans to resume the 2019-20 season.

Last Thursday the UK government said it was opening the door to the possibility of a return to professional football at some point next month.

Now the state of the game in the EPL table

Liverpool He was six points away from winning his first EPL title since 1990, enjoying a record-breaking season under Jগrgen Klopp.

Manchester City (play in hand), Leicester and the rest of Chelsea Champions League Qualification stains, although it is not very easy under the EPL table

Despite being in 19th place, Norwich, Aston Villa and AFC Bournemouth were in third place. The villain Their Carabao Cup this season saw them play fewer games than their rivals after exploiting the Cup.

If they continue to win this rearranged fixing, they will see their three teams Bournemouth (16th), Watford and West Ham in 16th place – so trying to organize with everyone in mind when deciding how to end the season has proved to be an obstacle. There are different motives and the situation is not the same everywhere.