Eric Young responded to his WWE release

  • The TNA legend has broken his silence and thanked fans for their support.
  • Young was one of several superstars released this week in the WWE.


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EY This week is WWE’s budget-cut casualty

Wednesday was a dark day in the pro wrestling business Of the WWE Many superstars and many producers were forced to release. The WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle, and super stars such as Rusev, Eric Rowan, Sara Logan and many more have left the company. Was one of them Eric Young And the TNA legend has responded to his WWE release.

EY, as he is known for his affection, is known for his versatility and showed it well in TNA where he held several championships, the most memorable of his time as the leader of Erik Young’s tenure at WWE that included Nicky Cross, Killian Deane and Alexander O. Was.

The veteran took to social media and thanked everyone for their kind words. Young thanked his fans for their kind words and said that the timing of these tests meant a lot to him. He also added that he is rightly upfront about the potential, the choices, and most importantly the mistakes of others.

You can see the full tweet below.

Many of his former colleagues, including Lance Storm, Natalie and Shawn Spears, responded to the tweet and supported him.

Eric Young in the WWE

EY made his WWE debut while appearing on NXT in 20Y. He was the leader of the villainous group SanitY and the group had a memorable run on the Black and Gold brand. He has masterminded the group’s NXT Tag Team Championship win and advised them as well.

Yane, Denn and Wolf jointly made it to SmackDown Live in 2018 as part of the superstar shakeup but their tenure failed and the team was eventually disbanded.

Then the TNA legend Raw was drafted where he was commonly used to retain other talents and was spotted chasing the title holder in the WWE 24/7 Championship Division.

While his time in the WWE is a bit worrisome, Young is a veteran in the business and will be a valuable addition to any company at the moment.

At Sportsidea, we wish him the very best of a very happy return to the Square Circle to provide us with more memorable moments.

Published 17th April 2020, 12:00 IST

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