ESL India Premiership 2020 – PUBG Mobile Registration Link


Retrieved 21 May 2020, 11:50 IST

Nodwin Gaming, India’s leading sports company, today announced the launch of the 5th edition of its flagship tournament – ESL India Premiership 2020. Registration for the Seeding Cup for the summer season is starting Today, May 21.


ESL India has successfully completed 4 editions of the Premiership, adding playoffs to the Nodwin Gaming Sub-League, adding some zing to the property with changes such as the Seeding Cup for new games and the exclusion of the Challengers Cup.

New additions to the games lineup include Pub Mobile, FIFA 20 and Clash of Clans, while the popular FPS CS: Geo has been retained. Nodwin’s social interaction post to find out new game title suggestions revealed that the most requested games were PEBG Mobile and Clash of Clans. The FIFA 20 link expands our audience base by including the first console game in the tournament. Clash of Clans, a fast-paced and easy-to-run strategy game is expected to attract greater participation and viewers. The online round of the tournament will have two sub-leagues – the Starter Cup and the Masters League. Its broadcast The Masters League will start from June 1.

“Premiership comes as an ideal ride for gamers in lockdown. There are new games and a new format to start the season. PUBGM and CoC are certainly the two largest communities there and through FIFA 20 we have taken the first step towards making console games an integral part of the premiership. The lockdown has been pulling the shutter on all sorts of sports competitions throughout the year, leaving the sport to be the only spectator game to be broadcast live on a large OTT platform like Hall Star. I believe that the current situation is a perfect springboard for the adoption of a huge amount of sports entertainment. ” Siddharth Kedia, Group CEO of Nodwin Gaming.

Nodewin Gaming has teamed up with multiple brands in the past in an effort to create a complete support ecosystem for the country. Entering the 5th edition, we have valuable partners in the incredible journey of the Premiership. Luxury drivers continue the association for the second year in a row Mercedes-Benz. OTT platform Disney + Hotstar Umes energy drink resumes its journey with Premiership as the official broadcast partner Red bull Returned to the Premiership after a short break.

“The presence of an active community of new games and the need to diversify the league has prompted us to renew our competitive title lineup. What’s interesting about putting new games on the board is that we can work with a bunch of new talented players every time. While being technically savvy, we are now quite adept at implementing remote tournaments to produce and broadcast non-stop sport entertainment for our spectators. We expect an unprecedented response for the summer season. ” Gautam Varka, Chief Operating Officer of Nodewin Gaming, said.

Registration is free and users need to create an ESL play account for CS: Geo, FIFA 20 and Clash of Clans titles. While PUBG Mobile participants will be able to register through the Sostroke platform. 1 Gamers over the age of 16 can register for PUBG Mobile and CS: Go, when the age limit for Class of Clans and FIFA 20 registration is 13 years or more.

Below is the registration link.