Esposito and Leo’s thrilling virtual Milan derby draw play

  • In keeping with real football, Sebastiano Esposito and Rafael Leo play the latest Milan derby in Pro Evolution Soccer.


Changed 11 Apr 2020, 18:32 IST

Rafael Leo and Inter’s Sebastiano Esposito in Milan

Sebastiano Esposito and Rafael Leo could not separate as their virtual Milan derby ended the draw at 2-2.

While the Coron virus epidemic has led to the closure of the vast majority of all top-level sports, athletes and fans alike are proving to be an increasingly popular alternative to video games, as well as other ways to satisfy their aspirations.

Playing on the latest version of Pro Dissolution Soccer on DAZN, Inter took charge of Esposito Nerazzuzzi, and Leo controlled his match – each player surprisingly putting a computerized selfie on their respective teams.

Esposito’s seriousness quickly became apparent when he first teased virtual Leo with Stefan de Vries on the ground – making the original Leo a legendary card to

Leo, controlling himself, put Milan in front just before half-time, slotting under Zamir Ibrahimovic after Samir Handanovich.

Esposito’s response to his opponent’s screaming and gloating dance to the camera was minimal, as he restored equality just after half-time – after Romalu Lukaku lifted Lutaro Martinez and removed the post.

The Inter was at the front in the minute. Lukaku cut a goal-kick and then intercepted the clearance, before charging in the box and returning for Martinez – a celebration of Esposito showing signs of emotion for the first time.

He had his head in his hands when Leo shared the spoils, while Ibrahimovic collected Ismail Beneser’s defense-splitting pass and coolly smashed home.

Esposito couldn’t help thinking his strikers could do more.

He said: “Loutaro and Lukaku are the perfect partnership The numbers show it – they showed it on PES as well.

“I got most of them from the closest and in person I saw. I thank them for the goals, but they could have done better,” he said with a chuckle.

Apr 11, 2020, 18:32 IST Published

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