“Everything went wrong with Kane Velasquez” (exclusive)


Retrieved 29 April 2020, 06:02 IST

Kane Velasquez made a number of backstage mistakes during his WWE tenure“/>
Kane Velasquez is reported to have made a number of backstage mistakes during the WWW.

Kane Velasquez’s WWE term expires just 6 months after he signed a multi-year deal with the company. The news broke This is the latest in a long list of talents in recent weeks as the WWE signed a deal with Velasquez for his release early on Tuesday.

The former UFC heavyweight champion appeared at the end of the SmackDown premiere at Fox to face the newly crowned WWE Champion. Brock Lesnar – At UFC 121, the two will battle it out for the WWE title at the Crown Jewels in Saudi Arabia in a match that lasted a little over two years, almost a decade after the two fought inside the octagon. That match will be his only television competition in the WWE.

Velasquez competed in a live WWE event back in Mexico in November, but he was off TV for several months. Now it is known that his run with the company is over.

So what’s wrong?

Tom Collue is our senior journalist at Sportsaida and I got him My radio show Tuesday night to discuss Kane Velasquez with other issues. When I asked him what happened after Kane’s high profile debut, he said in one word – “: everything”. Apparently, it started with the allegation that Vlasquez was hiding a knee injury.

“The WWE believed that he was well aware of his injury when he signed the contract. That it hurt some people in the wrong way. That’s what I said before and it was something that was really public knowledge for a while. Then he announced that he was going to be Rumble. Where he was not, of course, was at the Royal Rumble. “

Kalhu added that Velasquez was supposed to make a spectacular entry into this year’s Royal Rumble match, but was eventually pulled off. So there were some people who were annoyed that he took the cat out of the bag to talk. Then, there was the picture shared with myself Rhonda Rousey At the WWE headquarters.

“He was talking about plans for her, the details of the deal were moving forward. He shouldn’t have been told to go there. So first, he didn’t say what he said. Then he didn’t say what he said.” Not saying. And then he shows what he shouldn’t show. “

Kaloh notes that in the end what happened to his release, according to sources, the WWE could not bring him back to the ring after a timely injury for their scheduled plan. While management is happy with how he has seen in training in recent weeks, his release comes at this time, the door will not close on returning to the company in the future.

You can listen to my full conversation Tom Calhoun Below the mark of about 21 minutes.