F1 will make every effort to maximize the season – Andretti

  • Ross Brown believes the 19-race F1 season is still possible and 1978 champion Mario Andrei is impressed with the sport’s outlook.


Modified 10 April 2020, 17:54 IST

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Mario Andretti won the F1 Driver’s Championship in 1978

Mario Andretti is confident that the Formula One schedule will make every effort to save as much as possible and not be against racing behind closed doors.

Nine of the 22 races initially planned for 2021 have been postponed due to the pandemic, with the season now set to begin with the French Grand Prix in June.

F1 Motorsports chief Ross Brown says this week he still believes 19 contests could be held if the schedule starts in July.

১৯ret৮ F1 champion Andretti is impressed with the positives and believes that reducing the number of days spent on racing and weekends without primarily fans will help ensure that the low grant’s prix is ​​canceled.

He told Stats Performance: “I think the season will be about trying to make the most of it.

“I think the main thing will happen when Formula One, IndyCar, will be able to start any major racing series. I think once they start we should probably be very aggressive and just fill the airwaves with a lot of activity.

“Obviously, you know that race cars have nothing to smell and feel close to. But again, with all these races being circulated worldwide, there is a large audience, even for first couple races – I hope not – to race with the spectators. Do it, so be it, at least we’ll keep this thing going.

“And then I’m sure from there we just hope that all of a sudden everything opens up. Now the trick is to find a way to open the season – that’s the key here.

“From a Formula One perspective, which I can read and find from Ross Brown, and so on, they have all been very positive.

“We need to work here and we are just waiting for an opening so we can get started, and once they start they are also talking about the potential for next year to finish the best race possible. I think the purpose is to have at least 15 races. But maybe more.

“Given that the weekend could be closer to a two-day weekend, I think that would obviously make sense because they would move very quickly across different continents.

“There is only one way to do things and make things happen again. I think having a mindset and where I stand, a fan’s position and most of the family, I just love to see this kind of positive love.”

A joint venture with the United Kingdom-based F1 Team is assisting the government in producing ventilators in response to the COVID-19 crisis, helping Mercedes engineers design a new respiratory system that is freely available to fight the outbreak.

“What Mercedes is doing with respirators and the more advanced technology they see is pretty admirable,” Andretti said.

“Motorsports has always been able to contribute like this in every possible way … All they are doing is being able to help reach some solution. The contribution is immense.”

Published 10 April 2020, 17:54 IST

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