Fave hopes Reina’s injury is not serious


Retrieved 16 May 2020, 23:04 IST

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Giovanni Renেনা is playing for Borussia Dortmund

Lucian Favre hopes that Borussia Dortmund’s Giovanni Reyna’s cut is not the first injury since the start of the 4-0 win over Riviaderby against Schalke.

The 17-year-old Reina has been named in Dortmund’s line-up after the Bundesliga returned from a two-month suspension due to a carnivirus epidemic and suffered a warm-up injury. Thorgan Hazard was in his place.

Hazard Earling threw the opener for Holland and assisted BVB Cruz on three points at an empty signal Iduna Park in a double for Rafael Guerrero.

At half-time, Jean-Claire lost to Todibo with a muscular injury, but Hazard was replaced by Jadon Sancho in the 9th minute.

Favre insisted that the Belgian international is only fighting Cramp, but he hopes that a number of players will suffer in Nigel as soon as he returns to the Bundesliga.

“Several teams will have a few players who will be injured,” Fav Ray said. “We were too late with 10 against 10 games, tackling and so on.

“I hope Ray has nothing. It won’t take long [Axel] Witsell and [Emre] To be able to, [Dan-Axel] Jagadu will not play again this season.

“Marco Reyes has not played for the team yet. Nico Schulz has injured himself again, not being allowed to do anything for two to three weeks.

“Hazard was the only obstacle, no injuries.”

Dortmund players maintained their distance while celebrating – they made maximum contact with each other at the touch of the elbow – on the other hand the option was placed in the adjacent position and the mask was on.

Faber admits that the atmosphere behind the closed door was unusual but was proud of the way his team performed.

He said: “4-0 against Schalke – that’s fine. The bottom line is that the team played great together, even defensively. It was very, very special.

“There’s no noise, you shoot a goal, pass a top, hit a goal – and nothing happens. That’s very, very surprising. We really miss our fans.

“It was a completely different game than usual. It’s hard to judge how good the game is. I felt it wasn’t as planned. The players were very focused on their work.”

An error by goalkeeper Marcus Schubert before the Guerrero opener, when Dortmund’s last two goals came at the end of a quick counter-attack.

Schalke boss David Wagner said: “We didn’t play well, and at the worst we conceded goals. It would have been easier to defend at least two goals.

“The derby defeats are unpleasant in principle, even in this bizarre environment. The feeling of the second half is still not there. The situation is quite extraordinary.

“I don’t think we had any major physical deficiencies. We had deficiencies in defending the right places.”