Favre admits that Gotze does not fit the Dortmund system because Brandt is highly praised.


Retrieved 22 May 2020, 17:18 IST

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Borussia Dortmund midfielder Mario Gotze

Borussia Dortmund head coach Lucian Favre has admitted that he does not adapt to the current system and has expressed further doubts about Mario Gotze’s future.

The midfielder confirmed in April that he plans to leave the BVB at the end of the season rather than seek a new direction for his career, although CEO Hans-Joachim Watts later advised that Gotze could decide to sign a new contract.

The 227-year-old has made just five Bundesliga appearances this season and Dortmund’s first match since losing to Schalke in the 0-0 minute last week was Dortmund’s first since a week-long suspension due to a coronavirus epidemic.

Favre hopes to use Gotze for the rest of the 2012-20 matches, but the 2014 World Cup-winning style does not match his preferred structure.

“Right now, we’re playing 2-3-3,” he said before Saturday’s clash with Wolfsburg. “So, I’m talking to Mario Gotz, and unfortunately this is not the right arrangement for him. You must tell the truth about it.

“Of course, he’s able to play half-left or half-right, but we’ll see. We still have a lot of games ahead of us and we need to rely on each player.”

Undoubtedly the key player in Dortmund’s title challenge is Julian Brand, who scored two goals in a great performance against Schalke.

Fave suggested the versatility of the former Bayer Leverkusen man is the kind of quality that Gotts needs to get back in his place.

“Julian Brandet is able to play many different positions on different systems,” Fav Ray said. “It looks great.

“Playing 4-3-3 is not the same as playing 4-4-3, between wings or lines. He does it very well.

“You must not forget that he only played in midfield with one or two extra players and he also played as a striker against Slavia Prague. I like it very much because as a coach you get a lot of opportunities with this kind of player. He is playing very well. Right now he’s doing his development. “

Sports director Michael Jork added: “He’s a great player – that’s why we put a lot of effort into him and in the end we signed him for BVB. I haven’t seen a lot of players with his potential, but of course he can improve.”