Featured ‘V3Num’ Pantheon challenges Ryan Parag to CS: Geo Frog

  • Indian counter-strike athlete challenges upcoming cricketer and gaming enthusiast Ryan Pollen to a CS: face to face
  • The matches will be broadcast live on the YouTube channel


Modified April 11, 2020, 12:21 IST

Anchored Panther Named for one of India’s most popular gaming athlete tes ‘V3Num’ screens for more than a decade and his team-mates team barbarism have consistently risen to the top of the counter-strike scene. While he faced some tough opponents in the professional gaming space, he also made it a point to get involved with someone who loves gaming but is not pursuing it as a career option. Impressed Panth, India’s first Red Bull athlete to stream gaming regularly, meet fans at conferences, and share tips with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive who want to get better. While doing this, he rubs shoulders with many capable casual gamers and considers them a good match. Similarly, he was able to watch one of India’s most promising cricket sensations, Ryan Pollen.

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Impressed Panth

With ‘V1b’ on the screen, Ryan is an avid gamer, and it’s one of the three things he (besides Cricket and his family) can’t live without. Seeing that Ryan is just as efficient with the mouse and keyboard as he is with the bat and the ball, the shooter is finally impressed and decides to challenge him in a face called CS: Geo Frog Out.

CS: Go to the details of the Frog Out match

Teams: Team V3Num vs. Team V1be

Date: April 12th

Time: 6pm

Format: Best -5 match

Anchit and some of Ryan’s best friends will be part of their five-party team, including members of the team’s atrocities. The two fans featured will also choose to participate in the group so that they have the opportunity to be selected on their social media accounts.

The matches will be broadcast live Ankit’s YouTube channel So tune in at 6pm on April 12th and watch the exciting match with the take on Team V3num Team V1b.

Published April 11, 2020, 12:21 IST

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