Ferdinand surprised Pogba by ‘pounding’ despite injury


Changed 30 April 2020, 00:00 IST

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Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba

Rio Ferdinand is amazed at how Paul Pogba is being blamed for Manchester United issues despite missing most of the season through injury and former professionals have been urged not to “beat him” with a stick.

In most cases of Pogba’s second spell at Old Trafford, France has polarized opinion among international supporters and pundits – little doubt has been expressed about its capabilities, but many have suggested that it should be decided on a more consistent basis.

Returning from Juventus in 2014, Pogba reported জন্য 89 million for United, but many former players have claimed that he did not show enough to consider it a good deal, with Roy Kane and Grim Soon being two notable – and frequent – defenders. With.

He hit back at Soon earlier this month, claiming that the Liverpool icon, whom he did not even know, had asked Scott to return with a jib that prompted World Cup winner Pogba to “keep his medal on the table”.

And Ferdinand, a former former teammate of Pogba at United, is surprised to see that the 2-year-old has become more attractive in the post despite still having only seven Premier League appearances.

“Most of it comes from social media – a lot of what they say stems from his social media presence, and many of these guys are old school,” Ferdinand said on his official YouTube channel.

“[Ex-pros] People want to follow their former followers, they want people to be serious about the game, not broadcast the stuff on social media. He’s injured, he’s dancing at a wedding, in a changing room, and he’s dancing – this is Pogba, this is his life, this is the way he is.

“You can’t beat him with a stick because that’s his personality, he’s a different player. This player’s generation is different than my generation and more different like Kane and Suun. The landscape has changed so much that we can’t. I do.

“Pogba doesn’t drink, he’s not a nightclub merchant, but he goes on social media. But what’s worse? People we’ve been talking about before, they’ve been in nightclubs like me, or they’ve had occasional drinks, but he doesn’t.” No.

“But he’s still unhappy to be present, happy And and that’s a big deal – he’s happy to be injured. I don’t agree with him. [criticism] – Mental health is a big problem, if you can’t keep yourself in downtime while injured … what do people expect? Would you be disappointed to sit around?

“Absolutely to blame him and to bring his name into the conversation in a negative way at the moment he plays seven [Premier League] He’s the key to the games this season, and why United aren’t doing so well. How does that happen, how can he be blamed? “

Ferdinand thinks Pogba has expected more from himself since rejoining, although he does not think the midfielder has been helped by United’s recruitment and planning state.

“I have said on multiple occasions, he is a very honest man and he will expect more in himself,” he added. “But when you look at his stats in the squad he has played in the last four seasons, he creates the chances of passing, assists, holds the ball – he’s putting pressure on the team when he’s fully fit.

“Did he come to expect us on a consistent basis when he would transfer £ 90 million? I argued that he was probably not as consistent as you, but it was a team of absolute conversions and it was multiple directors.

“If you spend 90 90 million on a certain part of your business, you can probably make it a jewel in your crown, but I don’t think that’s what happened with Pogba.”