FIFA has shut down German football officials without a verdict because of “frustration”


Retrieved 29 April 2020, 03:26 IST

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Franz Beckenbauer

A trial involving top German football officials ended without a verdict due to the expiration of the restraining order, leaving FIFA “deeply disappointed”.

Franz Beckenbauer was one of four prominent German footballers to investigate allegations of fraud, alleging that the money was paid while he was on the board of the 200 World Cup Organizing Committee.

Beckenbauer was not charged for health reasons.

Former FIFA Secretary General of Switzerland Urs Linsy was facing trial along with three other German officials – Theo Joanziger, Horst Schmidt and Wolfgang Nairsbach.

The investigation centered on the use of 7 7 million – later reduced to 7 6.7 million – which was supposed to be used for a gallon of money, but instead the Swiss Attorney General complained, “for repayments that were not paid by the DFB. [German Football Association]”.

In February 2012, a DFB investigation sought to explain the payment to Beckenbauer – who won the World Cup as a player and director – along with former FIFA executive Mohammed bin Hammam and the late Robert Louis-Dreyfus.

Beckenbauer has vehemently denied that the money was used to buy votes for the 2009 World Cup. He made the mistake of using the funds to fund “FIFA subsidies”

A statement from Switzerland’s federal criminal court on Tuesday confirmed that the case “cannot be concluded with a verdict” after the coroner’s virus epidemic caused the restriction rules to expire.

FIFA later insisted that it would not abandon justice, with the text of its statement: “FIFA is deeply disappointed that the lawsuit related to the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany will not be held because time is running out.

“As part of this, FIFA has fully co-operated in this investigation over the years, responding to many requests made by the Attorney General’s Office and spending significant time and resources to do so. It is now true that this incident ended without any results. This kind of thing is very worrying, not only for football, but also for the administration of justice in Switzerland.

“We hope that the truth of CHF’s ১০ 100 million payment will one day be made public and that those who have done wrong will be duly sanctioned, if not in Switzerland, but elsewhere.”

“In the case of FIFA, of course, this case is not over because we cannot and will not accept that any CHF 10 million payment was made from a FIFA account without a valid reason. Although this happened many years ago and was notable for old FIFA, Other similar issues will continue to be investigated.

“Furthermore, FIFA will continue to cooperate with all state law enforcement agencies in Switzerland, with the hope and belief that all those responsible for causing damage to football will ultimately be held accountable for their actions and will not always be able to hide their profits.”

Criminal proceedings for fraud or aiding and abetting fraud in Switzerland cannot be commenced after the lapse of 15 years.