Fiorentina guarantees six positive tests


Retrieved 07 May 2020, 23:20 IST

Fiorentina’s studio Artemio French

Fiorentina confirmed six positive tests for the coronavirus.

The Serie A club announced that three players and three members of the technical staff tested positive after a medical check on Wednesday.

Viola said the unnamed individuals will remain in self-isolation, with the first-team training program expected to resume this week for the rest of the team.

In March, Patrick Katron, German Pezella and Dusan Vlahovic were confirmed to have coronavirus infections, after he revealed in an Instagram post that he was suffering from a fever of 39 degrees Celsius.

Last month, the club confirmed that all three were not positive tests.

Italian clubs have unanimously called for a resumption of the 2019-20 season, which was postponed to March, but there is no clear return date.

The country’s state minister for sports, Vincenzo Spadafora, said this week that it was impossible to be specific about a possible resumption without the government relaxing measures to prevent players from taking club training facilities.

“We need to see how the contagious curve develops over the next two weeks,” he said.

State champions Juventus were one point ahead of Lazio at the top of the table when the campaign came to an end.

Florentina was 13th, nine points shorter than European places and three to five clear below.