Flix Bayern is determined to see the world return to the Bundesliga


Retrieved 15 May 2020, 17:24 IST

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Bayern Munich coach Hansi Flick

Bayern Munich will travel to the Bundesliga Union in Berlin on Sunday like any other match, but Hansi Flick knows they will keep an eye on the league leaders.

Germany’s top flight will become the first major football tournament to resume this weekend amid a coronavirus epidemic.

Riveraderby between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke is the main topic of Saturday’s schedule, but champions Bayern – BVB’s four points clear at the summit – will return to the kick-off only late on Sunday.

Speaking at a remote news conference before facing the 11th-ranked Union, Flick backed Bayern to understand expectations and influence.

“Nothing can change without a dugout mask,” he told reporters. “We discussed with the players what they can do and what they can expect.

“More than two hundred countries will see players, so we have a lot of listeners to whom you can show yourself. We want to give top performances.”

Philip will be given two extra options after the IFAB rules change – a total of five – and the head coach admits he still doesn’t know how his players will return to the 90-minute match.

“It’s a good question because we don’t know if the team can do anything for more than 90 minutes,” he said.

“We trained well and had an internal friendly with three minutes on Sunday there was a lot of intensity there.

“But obviously we all don’t know where we are. We have to deal with the situation and there is no doubt about it.”

Bayern are in the absence of Philippe Coutinho, Corinthians Tolisso and Nicolas Sule, but Xavi Martinez is another doubt.

“If a player had concerns, they could have decided not to play without consequences,” Flick said. “But we are all there except the injured.”

He added to Barcelona’s Loni Coutinho: “In the weeks leading up to the break, Philippe has already shown what qualities he has.

“You noticed in training that he came to the team differently. He is very sensitive and a great football player.

“I’m really glad to work with him. We hope he can rejoin soon.”