Former champion Paul Heyman is a ‘fan’ and responsible for Ka’s recent pressure


06 May 2020, 12:14 IST changed

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Paul Heimon

Paul Heimon Its executive director Monday Night RAW And manages most of what we see in the Red brand. Himan was always clear that any superstar would want to push the stars and keep the stars out. Among the names that Hyman named too many were Alistair Black, Apollo Cruz and Ricochet.

Interestingly, Paul Heyman is also a big fan of the former cruiserweight champion Akira Tojawa, Which could cause 205 Live Superstar to appear as widely on RAW as late.

Here’s what Cagesideseats Says:

The Observer Note that Paul Heyman is a fan of Akira Tojwa and that is why he has been restrained as much as he has.

Akira Tozawa was one of the 205 Live Originals and was part of the Cruiser Weight division from the very beginning. However, with the uncertain future of 205, it is a blessing for Tozawa that Paul Heyman has chosen him.

Paul Heimon and his ‘boys’

Paul Heimon was very vocal about who was being pushed. Himan has been the champion for several years, including Brock Lesnar, CM Punk and Cicero.

However, although Tozawa is getting a lot of screen time, his matches have not exactly converted into many of RAW’s wins. Also part of the ongoing tournament for the title of Intermediate Cruiserweight Champion at Japanese Superstar NXT.

The future of Akira Tojawa

With Paul Heyman using Tojawa on RAW, it remains to be seen whether the push will last until the 34-year-old NXT and 205 Live return full-time until WWW works with a limited roster.

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