Former Liverpool striker and DJ Chris wants to retire to reach League 1 milestone


Retrieved 13 May 2020, 06:34 IST

Former striker Djibril Cisse

The former Liverpool and France striker insisted he would “not be at peace” until he tried – Giuseppe Chris wanted to retire from scoring 100 League 1 goals.

Chase switched to football in 2013 to focus on his DJ career, although he made a brief comeback from the Swiss team with Everdon and the Italian minor Vicenza in 1902, retiring early in 2015.

However, the 31-year-old – who won 41 caps and claimed the Confederations Cup with France in 2003 and celebrated Liverpool’s Champions League, FA Cup and UEFA Super Cup – is determined to make a comeback.

Kiss is stuck in 96 League 1 goals after following the mantra with top flight French clubs Auxerre, Marseille and Bastiar.

“Initially, it was almost a joke,” Sis told L’Quip. “But little by little, it really became a wish.

“I always said that passing the 100-goal number was very important to me. Being four goals away bothered me.

“If it didn’t happen, at least I would try and I could close the 100 goal book. But I wouldn’t have peace until I tried everything.”

Kiss added: “You have to look at it as a bet, not as an extra player in the crew and as an element that can play like 90 minutes. Even though I can’t lie to myself to this extent, I can still do the service.”