Former MLB manager Jim Frey died at 88 years old

  • The death of former MLB manager Jim Frey at the age of 6 has been confirmed.


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Jim Frey, who led the Kansas City Royals to the World Series in the first year as a Major League Baseball manager, died on Sunday at the age of six.

Former American League Cy Young Award winner Sparky Lill, who led Fry at the Baltimore Orioles organization, issued a statement on Tuesday saying: “Jim is a great baseball mind and the person who gave me my first chance to play.

“He then saw the opportunity to be a relief pitcher for me and made me stand that way. We have been good friends this whole time. It is so sad to hear of his death.”

Frost was a scout and manager in the Orioles ‘Mineral League system before joining the major league staff in Baltimore in the 1970s and being the Royals’ manager after that season.

The Royals went 0-165 under Frey in 1980 and reached the World Series in franchise history for the first time in six games.

Kansas City fired Frey at the end of the 1981 strike short season, and he joined the New York Mets before being named the Chicago Cubs’ director.

In his first season with Cuba in Week 4, the Chicago National League won the Eastern Division title and reached the playoffs for the first time after 9-6.

Chicago sacked Frey in the 1986 season and ended his career with a 323-287 record he could no longer manage at Majors.

Frey became a radio broadcaster for Cuba before being appointed general manager of the team in 1997 and forming the team that won the NL East title in 7th.

Frye was the Chicago GM during that season.

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