Fournette is pushing for the Georges to sign Newton

  • Former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton’s Jacksonville Jaguars return Leonard Fournette to the squad.


Changed 17 Apr 2020, 05:40 IST

Former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton

Back in the Jacksonville Jaguars squad, Leonard Fornitt was not shy about backing his team to sign free agent quarterback Cam Newton.

Fournette likes the idea of ​​bringing in the NFL MVP of 20 to compete with expected starter Gardner Minshew.

The Carolina Panthers revealed last month that the three-time Pro Bowler spent a full nine-year career with the franchise. He has suffered serious injuries to the shoulder and leg the past three seasons.

“I think, you know, Cam went to the Super Bowl, he’s the cool guy I’ve known about Cam for a minute now,” Fournette told ESPN on Thursday.

“Like I told some people that they talked to me, I told them it was not a disgrace to Minzo. I was just trying to be in the best position as a team so we could win.”

Minzu burst onto the scene as a tight end last season and threw for 3,271 yards with 21 touchdowns and six interceptions in 14 games after Nick Foles was injured in the season opener. His 91.2 pass rating was the best of any rookie quarterback in 2019.

Jacksonville traded Nick Foles to Chicago in March, leaving Minshew as the only quarterback on the roster with game experience.

Published April 17, 2020, 05:40 IST

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