Francis Nagnau Zyrginho promises Rogensarik to sleep in UFC 249


Retrieved 04 May 2020, 23:47 IST

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Francis Nagnau

UFC Boxer Francis Nagnau Likes to train and usually spends a lot of time bored in the gym but his training camp before UFC 249 in the upcoming blockbuster pay-per-view has been one of the longest camps of his entire career as a professional fighter.

However, it was not planned. Here’s how things unfolded. The UFC headline on ESPN8 was to face Naganau Zyrginho Rogensrick on March 28 and he began preparations for a full-length five-point battle.

Unfortunately, the card had to be suspended due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic and the actual date of UFC 249 was pushed back to April 18 in a fight between Ngannou and Rosenrich. Next we all know what happened next. A week before the show, UFC President Dana White Announced that UFC 2499 is being postponed.

Nagnau kept himself ready in the midst of all the uncertainty, ready to enter the interior of the octagon and perform a ceremony whenever the match makers called. Speaking to MMA Fighting, the knockout artist said that he finally wants to be ready for this fight because of the amount of time he has spent preparing it.

“It was very tiring, very frustrating. Maintaining motivation and going out there every day is a very difficult task. Get out there and train, knowing if the fight is going to happen. [You’re] Always dubious – maybe it’s going to happen or not, and maintain the same intensity for the fight. It’s different than training to stay in shape when you train for combat. So when you don’t have that goal, you have that goal, you still have to be motivated to go. That’s the hard part. “

Ngannou is a KO promise

Naganu hopes that his hard work will bear fruit on May 9, when he finally lays his hands on Rosenasrik, when the former returns to the octagon after a long absence of almost a year. Predicting Nagnau’s fight, he has already envisioned Rosensrik to sleep a hundred times and he believes he will make his dreams come true inside Octagon at UFC 249.

“Every time I think about it. This is the way to end