Gerald Brisco has commented on rumors of his release


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Gerald Brisco

Last night, we mentioned the report that WWE was for Hall of Famer and former “hardcore” Vince McMahon Gerald Brisco Was released from the agency. Fernandez’s latest batch has some striking surprises, but Brisco is a revelation – whose location WWE’s It seemed for life – the most shocking.

Brisco went to his Twitter account today to clarify exactly what happened. And, it actually makes perfect sense.

Until now, Brisco has worked as the company’s talent scout – focusing exclusively on amateur and collegiate wrestling events. Some of his more recent discoveries include Chad Gable and Jason Jordan – and even Brock Lesnar screamed again.

However, it is rather difficult to scout amateur wrestlers when true amateur wrestling events are not held. Instead of being released, Brisco revealed that he had in fact just lied.

So, what’s the difference? Okay, we didn’t even know to be honest with you, but our friends at explained it pretty well. You can read a post here. But to chase:

“Normally people are not paid during the fall, but they retain employment benefits as health insurance. F pujo is a matter of compulsory fur. Workers are ordered not to do any work related work while on the fall.”

Basically, when the current COVID-19 situation is over – or at least calmed down that WWE can resume normal business activities – Brisco can only go back to his previous job wherever he went. If he is released, he and the WWE will have to go through the rebuilding process. Thus, even though Brisco does not collect any pay checks, its location can get the amount of benefits it saves.

Brisco was inducted into the WWE of Fame in 2006 along with his brother Jack. In 1984, the minority shareholders of Georgia Championship Wrestling persuaded the majority of other shareholders’ partners to run a nationwide effort to expand the WWF to sell its shares to Vince McMahon. Because of this, Briscoe was thought to have earned a lifetime position in the company. Jack, himself a former NWA World Champion, died in 2010.

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