Get a lifetime ban from Daphne Valerant Solari Cup


Revised 17 May 2020, 17:46 IST


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Valorant It has been incredibly popular since its beta release in early April. The hype surrounding the game has been so high that numerous tournaments have already been held in the first month of the game. Different Sports Orgas has invested As well as making lots of their official valence rosters.

However, in the last 24 hours, the turn of events has suddenly started in a tournament. This has turned the whole progress of the Valerant Competition scene for many fans.

What seemed at the beginning of the confusion about the start time for the semi-final match of the Violent Solari Cup of Prodigy, the team of HifiFip and Daphne, later turned into a somewhat ugly moment.

The final result of this split led to a life ban for former Overwatch Pro and streamer Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca from future Solari tournaments.

What exactly happened in the Valerant Solari Cup?

Courtesy: Peak: Riot Games“/>
Courtesy of Peak: Riot Games

On the Solari Tournament Discord Channel (strictly for participants) the organizers of the Cup have announced a change of time for the semifinals.

Dafran, along with the rest of his teammates – Oscar ‘Mixwell’ Kelllas, Adil ‘Scream’ Benlitom, Jacob ‘Pyth’ Mauryuzarvi, and Bayram ‘Braz’ Ben Redzeb বহু completely ignored the announcement he had made long ago.

Solari organizers took it as a work of obscurity on behalf of Prodigy and they were going to hand over the hypehype to the convenience of the map.

However, it did not sit well with Duffran, and he exploded with an unpublished tweet:

“Solari Tournament on F *** Valorant.”

Even Damien ‘Hype’ continued to criticize Seville:

“Baby b **** s bunch of tears, do not prove who is the best. Only the French organizers support anyone. “

The situation could spiral out of control if Prodigy’s Mixwell does not talk to Hype about rescheduling the match any more. However, Hype set some conditions and agreed to play Prodigy for the semifinals if Daphne was not part of Roast.

More dramas followed, and Solari organizers banned Dafran from all future competitions.

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Taken from

Organizers of the Solari Cup said, “Today player Dafran made disrespectful remarks during our solori cup during the valerian.” Dafran has been banned from our tournament for life and his team will be able to play with an option in tomorrow’s game. “

This made Dafran even more persuasive and he continued his joke against the tournament this time. He posted a tweet on the basis of an obscenity in which he called the officials of the Valerant Solari Cup a “joke”. He also called Hype and his teammates “washed out” and claimed they were afraid to play.

Did Prodigy blame it entirely?

The answer to this question will never be found, but what we do know is that while waiting for the hyper hype server to load, Prodigy claimed to know nothing about the schedule.

HP even reminded his opponents of the match by tweeting:

“The semifinals are now bro. Come on, man, we can’t go above 7 o’clock and we can’t write on your twitch [because of the] Follow 30 minutes. “

Prodigy will now have to find a new player to fill the gap left by Daphne.